Tropical Agrosystem India (P) Ltd., is one of the lead players in the Indian crop and pest management industry. The company belongs to the well-known Jhaver Group- for whom every business vision is a business reality. With its high-tech manufacturing facilities (5 facilities across the country), professional and well- knit marketing organization (over 500 agricultural professionals and more than 8000 channel partners), renowned product portfolio, and several new products in the pipeline, the company is fully poised for ushering in the new age in Seeds, Crop Nutrition protection and Pest management in India.

Tropical Agrosystem has several strategic marketing tie-ups with leading multinationals and Indian companies, including toll manufacturing arrangements and supply chain collaborations for supplying technical and bulk grades of pesticides. The company has one of the largest arrays of pesticide product registrations under one roof (more than 200 registrations approved by the Central Insecticides Board of the Govt.of India). It is one of the lead players in crop nutrition and biological pest management in India.


Tropical Agrosystem is an innovative, ethical, customer-oriented crop protection and pest management company committed to the highest standards of health, safety and environment, providing quality products and services and maximum value to all our stakeholders.


We are a highly dynamic, customer-oriented, crop protection and pest management company offering innovative, quality products and services to all our stakeholders.

Jhaver Group

The 19th century witnessed the emergence of a new generation of Indian Industrialists who were fired by the spirit of the Independence movement. They envisioned India as an Industrial Superpower.

R. SrikrishnaJhaver was one such visionary who shared this dream and was aware that the future of India lay in the development of indigenous industry. He initiated this process when he founded the Jhaver Group, which he nurtured into an Industrial Powerhouse. The Jhaver Group of companies was started in 1894 as a trading and distribution company. Over the last 117 years, constant innovation and expansion have seen this group prosper and diversify in the fields of drugs, pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals, zippers, textile chemicals, coated fabrics, pesticide formulations and information technology.

The hallmark of this diversified group is a firm commitment to quality and customer service, factors that give the Jhaver Group the strength to face the future with confidence.

The Jhaver Group today is a highly respected business group, and has emerged as one of the fastest growing innovators in South India.

Business Divisions

Tropical Agrochemicals

Tropical Agrosystem India (P) Ltd., is one of the lead players in the Indian crop protection and pest management industry with an annual turnover in excess of USD 50 Million. With its high tech manufacturing facilities, professional and well- knit marketing organization and renowned product portfolio, the company is fully poised to usher in the new age in the pest management scenario in India.

Tablets India Ltd

Tablets India Limited, popularly known as TIL, is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of Pharmaceutical formulations. The vital therapeutic range includes nutritional supplements, haematinics, hepatoprotectives, novel antipyretic, a unique G.I.Lavage preparation, Anti-Ulcerant, Osteoporotic Formula, Respiratory Medicine, and more such products. Visit Site

Tagros Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Tagros is a leading manufacturer of Synthetic Pyrethroids, Herbicides, Fungicides, Pesticide Intermediates and Special Formulations, producing 2,500 metric tons of active ingredients and exporting them to over 90 countries. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities have enabled the company to consistently deliver world-class quality, meeting stringent WHO and FAO specifications. This modest and unassuming corporate is the only Indian company to defend Permethrin under the EU Biocide Directive. Visit Site

Prodapt IT Solutions

Prodapt is a global software services company with a singular focus on the communications industry.Prodapt works with communications service providers, ISVs and equipment companies in providing software services around application development and maintenance, product engineering, testing and QA. Visit Site

TIL Healthcare

TIL Healthcare is the international pharmaceutical arm of the Jhaver Group of companies. The group currently has 5 pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing facilities offering various products in Liquids, Capsules, Tablets, Injectables, Soft-gels& Powders. It recently commissioned a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated towards the global supply of its products. The facilities are approved by various Health Regulatory Authorities in addition tocGMP & ISO certifications. Visit Site

Southern Group Industries

SGI offers a range of ballistic protective vests for various protection levels to meet NIJ standards. SGI is in a position to meet any requirement with regard to ballistic protection, design of the outer cover and size. SGI also offer ECC, NBC, chemical resistant, fire resistant and other protective clothing to suit customer requirements.

ZIP Industries Limited

ZIP Industries Limited, being the pioneer in India, has maintained the reputation of quality leadership through continuous improvement and innovation in Zipper Manufacturing. Being the leader in its business, ZIP Industries produces all varieties of zippers namely Metal, Polyester Circular Coil, Polyester Ladder Coil, Invisible and Plastic Moulded. Visit Site

Little’s Polykote

Little’s Polykote – a part of the Jhaver conglomerate in India, is an innovative corporate group dedicated to development. Over the years we have earned trust through strict adherence to quality standards and customer satisfaction. Jhaver group has made its presence felt in various industries including drugs and pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, zippers, industrial fabrics, etc. With over 2500 employees comprising management professionals, scientists and engineers, the group is growing at a rapid pace with international presence. Visit Site


BODYFUELZ is a world class Sports and Performance Nutrition Company helping Professional Sports Players, Endurance Athletes, Serious Bodybuilders and Fitness Enthusiasts reach their fitness goals through diet and nutrition. Visit Site

Spahi Pest Control

Spahi Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a company which works with a single aim: ‘PESTS MUST GO”, whatever and wherever they may be-underground, in water, airborne or on land- crawling or flying! SPAHI as a company is formed by experts with over 15 years’ experience in Pest Control. Servicesare supported 24X7 by well trained and efficient manpower. Visit Site